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Cub-O Information for this weekend

CUB-O is this weekend, so dust off your boots and dig out your warm clothes for a great orienteering adventure! A few last minute reminders:

  • Arrival and event participation will be on a family by family basis this year following the Council's COVID procedures and staggered arrival timing.

  • Due to the staggered times, each family will be responsible for their own meals. Dominic will be bringing firewood so that there is a fire available for cooking. He has also prepared a great how-to guide for campfire cooking that can be viewed or downloaded at this link

  • If you have registered to attend, please email the pack if you have not done so already so we know everyone who will be there.

  • you should be getting an email from the council a couple days before the event with more information (check-in procedures, event schedule, campsite assignments and other important updates).

Check out the pack 350 Cub-O page for additional information and the Longhorn Council Cub-O page for the most up to date information from the Council.

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