Den meetings this Tuesday

Just a friendly reminder that our dens will be meeting tomorrow evening at 6:30.

Remember that all of our latest information is on our pack website including our calendar of events for the upcoming year.

***Webelos***: We will be working on the "try a new sport" requirement for the Webelos Faster, Stronger, Higher award by roller skating at Rollerland West (7325 Calmont Avenue) instead of meeting at Arborlawn. Please note that we'll be there from 5:30-6:30 rather than at our usual meeting time of 6:30. Those Webelos that attend will also get a head start on their Arrow of Light requirement that involves meeting a government or community leader to learn about their role int he community and discuss issues facing our community. This event is not politically motivated, and we do not personally now or have bias for any of the candidates in this election! Please RSVP to