Follow the Pack on our new Facebook Page - here's why

We are laying the foundation for a big recruiting season this fall. We have just launched a new Facebook page intended to be more public-facing than our current Facebook group so that new families interested in scouting can find us. Our existing Facebook group will remain in place, but will be focused on community and sharing our experiences within the pack.

For now:

Follow the new Pack 350 Facebook page and invite others to follow. This can be done by going to the page, clicking the three dots under the profile picture, click “Invite to follow.”

Later this summer:

We will launch a two-month campaign to increase our presence on Facebook to help recruit new families. At that point we will ramp up our content and ask you to share our posts and invite your friends to follow our page. Your involvement will be vital to this effort.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to getting as much participation out of this new effort as possible!