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IMPORTANT: Neckerchief Exchange at Campout on Saturday

We're looking forward to Pack 350's campout tomorrow night!

As part of our campfire advancement ceremony, we will do a neckerchief exchange where each scout will remove their current neckerchief and receive their next rank’s colors and slide. There are three ways to participate in this exchange:

  1. Free – Bring your current neckerchief and slide to the campout and “trade in” for your next neckerchief at the ceremony.

  2. $15 – If you wish to keep your scouts current neckerchief and slide, we will have neckerchiefs and slides for each rank available for sale for $15 at the campout.

  3. Scout shop (~$23) – Visit the scout shop ahead of the campout to purchase the neckerchief and slide for the next rank up on your own and bring both the current year and next year’s neckerchiefs to the campout ceremony.

See you at Camp Carter!



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