Pack 350's first Supernova award recipient - Ayaan Sarma!

As parents, we understand how important a focus on STEM is for our scout's training and education to equip them for a bright future. STEM concepts are ever-present in scouting; anyone discuss with their scout how to design a pinewood derby car for speed in the last couple weeks? For scouts that really want to go deep on STEM learning, scouting offers the Nova and SuperNova awards and that brings us to the point of this post. . .

Congratulations to one of our Bear scouts, Ayaan Sarma, for earning his SuperNova award and also being the first in our pack to ever do so. This was a culmination of many months of hard work doing things from researching famous scientists to meeting with a banker to discuss how to compute simple interest. Prior to working on his SuperNova, Ayaan had to earn eight different Nova awards. Way to go Ayaan!

If you are interested in learning more about how to earn the SuperNova award, check out this link