Pinewood Derby Recap

Thank you to our awesome volunteers

Thank you to all of our volunteers who worked so hard to make our first-ever virtual pinewood derby such a success. A special thanks to Taylor Perkey who donated his expertise and equipment to produce and stream our event. Please send Taylor your business for any future streaming or video production needs you have.

Race results

  • Overall - Louis Lavy (1st), Patrick Schultheis (2nd), Robert Saltzman (3rd) [the Bear Den continues their tradition of putting up some fast cars!]

  • Most Creative - Louis Lavy (1st), Logan Dow (2nd), Charlie Sicard (3rd)

  • Lion Den - Titus Chance (1st), Angela Schultheis (2nd), Charlie Sicard (3rd)

  • Tiger Den - Forest Lavy (1st), Owen Schneider (2nd), Bryce Settle (3rd)

  • Wolf Den - Benji Hedges (1st), Sampson Chance (2nd), Drew Dawson (3rd)

  • Bear Den - Louis Lavy (1st), Patrick Schultheis (2nd), Robert Saltsman (3rd)

  • Webelos Den - Jonathan Sweek (1st), Nathan McDowell (2nd), Molly Stuhmer (3rd)

  • Sibling - Warren Sicard (1st), Agatha Chance (2nd), Audrey Schneider (3rd)

  • Adult - Amy Sweek (1st), Sarah Schultheis (2nd), Jimmy Atkinson (3rd)

  • Outlaw - Dominic Schultheis (1st), Jeremy Sweek (2nd), Jonathan Sweek (3rd)

For overall results of all cars and classes, see PDF below:

2021-raceDataFile - Round Standings
Download PDF • 21KB

For link to broadcast replay and more, check out our pinewood derby page