Popcorn Fundraiser Has Begun! Here's How to Get Started

It is that time of year for the Great Popcorn Fundraiser! Your participation in this fundraiser is critical for two reasons: it is a big part of our overall pack budget to help keep our dues low and it gives our scouts the opportunity to practice the important life skill of salesmanship. Just like previous years we will offer a pack dues refund to scouts with $500+ in sales. Due to Covid-19, we will not be offering show and sells at local store fronts this year.

Everything you need to sell popcorn and collect payment happens in the Trails End App for your smartphone (no paper order forms!). To download the app, text APP to 62771 to get a link to download. Scouts can earn points towards Amazon gift cards to spend on great prizes based on how much they sell.

For those of us that are returning just log in with the account you created last year. If you are new to us it takes just one minute to register after which it is simple to share your personal link through your social media. is the place to go to answer any questions, Let’s make this a great year!