Popcorn Fundraiser is right around the corner

It is that time of year for the Popcorn Fundraiser! Your participation in this fundraiser is critical for two reasons: it is a big part of our overall pack budget to help keep our dues low and it gives our scouts the opportunity to practice the important life skill of salesmanship. Just like previous years we will offer a pack dues refund to scouts with $500+ in sales.

This year will be a bit of a throw back; BSA has changed popcorn vendors, so we will be going back to paper order forms rather than an app on your phone. We do plan to have storefront show-and-sell opportunities to supplement door-to-door sales. Scouts will still earn points towards Amazon gift cards to spend on great prizes based on how much they sell.

Your first opportunity to pick up an order form for your scout will be our 8/22 Hot Dogs in the Park event. Stay tuned for more info!