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Spring Campout - Covid protocol and other things to know

Covid Protocol. As most of our time will be spent outside in open spaces, masks will be optional for the campout except in the following circumstances:

  • Please wear your mask/buff if you are inside in public spaces such as the dining hall (we plan to use for rocket assembly), restrooms, and latrines. Same applies when you are in close proximity to others outside such as at our campfire and picking up your food for dinner/breakfast

  • Each one of us has our own opinion about Covid safety. Please just be respectful and sensitive to those around you so that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience

  • Of course, please stay home if anyone in your party has Covid symptoms or direct exposure to someone that has tested positive in the last 2 weeks

  • No change to our weekly den meeting protocol at this point

Other items:

  • You should pack in enough drinking water for your family for the duration campout. There may be water available on site, but safer bet to just bring your own

  • There is a nice pond at Camp Tahuaya. If you like to fish, please feel free to bring your own fishing gear and take advantage of that, though there will be plenty of other activities on Saturday afternoon to engage in

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