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Cub-O Orienteering Competition and Camp Out

Calling all campers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts!  CUB-O is 1/8/22, so dust off your boots and dig out your warm clothes for a great orienteering adventure!

1/3/2022 update:

If you have already registered, please email the pack and let us know who is coming in your party and if you are camping Friday or Saturday nights or just coming for the day. We are going to try to do our best to keep our pack together for camping, but bear with us as the staggered arrival times and start times this year for Covid makes this extra challenging to coordinate. Due to the staggered start times, it is likely that you will compete as a family rather than as dens. 

Other preparation reminders - Bring your own water (and carry with you on-course) and have enough for your entire visit to Sid Richardson.  If you are camping, please bring some firewood with you.  Here's a guide to campfire cooking if you are sticking around to camp or have dinner before heading home.


If you still plan to register, please note that registration closes 1/3/2022 at 5PM.

There will be no trail lunch or meals provided, thus please bring your own food.

What:  CUB-O is a timed orienteering event that teaches our scouts to think for themselves while learning to read a map and hiking in the woods. It’s fast, exciting, and FUN for all scouts.  The locations of 40-50 orange and white orienteering flags are marked on the map and you and your team will hike to find them – or most of them! Each flag has a code that you’ll write on your scorecard. Flags are worth from 5 to 30 points, depending on how hard they are to find.  Your Den team will get a Cub-O competition map and plan a hiking strategy to find the most flags and score the most points in just 2.5 hours! 


Who:  All scouts, siblings, and parents are welcome to register


Where:  Sid Richardson Scout Ranch Bridgeport, TX 76426


When:  CUB-O Orienteering Event on Saturday January 8th with starting times staggered throughout the day (Camping available Friday and Saturday night)


How:  Register on the Longhorn Council website for $30 per participating scout, sibling, or adult.  The fee includes race registration, and camping for two nights.  Non participating adults can attend for the day and camp by selecting the $10 park access fee on the registration page.  Event t-shirts can be purchased on the registration page for an additional $15 per person.

Family Camping:  You are welcome to arrive and leave the day of the event or camp on Friday and/or Saturday night depending on the arrival time you register for.  All camping families need to bring their own gear, food, and cooking equipment.  The Pack will not be preparing a community meal due to COVID restrictions so please arrange to bring or prepare your own meals.  Weather could potentially be very cold, so be prepared with extra sleeping bags and blankets.


The format will be similar to 2021, Here are additional details of the orienteering event from last year:

  • Cub-O is a team event

Teams (Dens) of 3-6 Cub Scouts plus at least 2 adults. Each team must have at least two adults registered for Cub-O. Be sure to dress warmly in layers and bring lots of water! Bring a compass and a watch so you’ll finish on time.  All registered participants will get a Cub-O patch, our latest 5-color competition map, and a great day of orienteering.  Maximum team size is 8 people.

  • No mass start crowd in 2021!
    CUB-O has been redesigned to have Dens starting every few minutes all day long. The staggered start times by individual Dens and Packs will turn one big start into hundreds of small Den team starts throughout the morning and early afternoon.

  • Roads Stay Open!
    Pick your Arrival Time! come out to camp or make a Day Trip of it. The roads will be open all day (with speed enforcement roadblocks), so you can arrive and leave when you need to.

  • No Hole Punches to touch!
    The markers will be using cards with number codes printed LARGE, rather than hole punches. Cub Scouts won’t have to touch them. Just read from a distance and write down the code!

  • Easy “How-To-Orienteer” Beginner Training Videos on YouTube!
    No more crowds at Training! The Orienteering Committee is making several short videos on “How to Have Fun Orienteering for Beginners”! Learn on your owm time or watch it on your phone on Saturday!

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