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Who We Are

First chartered in 1967, Pack 350 has been serving the Tanglewood and Southwest Fort Worth area for over 50 years.

Since its beginning, the Cub Scout Program has been a fun and educational experience focused on family values.  Besides providing a positive place where boys and girls can enjoy safe, wholesome activities, Cub Scouting focuses on building character, improving physical fitness, teaching practical skills, and developing a spirit of community service.


As a worldwide organization, Scouting is unique. It is based on the principles of loving and serving God, of human dignity and the rights of individuals, and of recognizing the obligation of members to develop and use their potential. It is a movement dedicated to bringing out the best in people. Cub Scouting doesn't emphasize winning as an end result, but rather the far more demanding task of doing one's best.


When Scouting can help nurture courage and kindness and allow children to play, to laugh, to develop their imaginations, and to express their feelings, then we will have helped them grow. We want children to become useful and stable individuals who are aware of their own potential. Helping a boys and girls to learn the value of their own worth is the greatest gift we can give them.

What We Offer

We are a very active pack.   Each den (dens are based on grade-level) consists of around 8-12 scouts, so our total membership is around 70 scouts.  We camp as a pack twice a year and offer opportunities to participate in annual service projects. 

We also hold the following annual events:

  • Pinewood Derby

  • Blue & Gold Banquet

  • Raingutter Regatta


The pack meets most Tuesdays during the school year from 6:30-7:15 PM at Arborlawn United Methodist Church in the SAM Building. Please check our calendar for exact meeting dates. 

Arborlawn UMC

5001 Briarhaven Rd

Fort Worth, TX 76109


We meet in the small

satellite building called

the SAM building.


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