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2021 AOL Bridging Ceremony

November 30 2021

On Tuesday 11/30/21, Pack 350 held a Bridging Ceremony to recognize our Webelos Arrow of Light recipients and "bridge" them over to Scouts BSA to continue their scouting journey. We are proud of each one of them for completing this milestone and wish them the best as the continue on their path to Eagle Scout. A special thanks to members of Troop 17, 50 and 554G for their participation in this event to receive our scouts into their troops.

  • Molly Stuhmer – Troop 554G

  • Alex Selph – Troop 17

  • Brandon Garcia - Troop 17

  • Jonathan Sweek - Troop 17

  • JP Millins - Troop 17

  • Nathan McDowell - Troop 17

  • Whitton Sykes - Troop 17

  • William Chance - Troop 17

  • Logan Dow – Troop 50

  • Ricky Garcia – Troop 50

Celebrating our Webelos!   Photos from their past

November 19, 2021

Pack 350 is proud of our "graduating" Webelos as they all move on to Scouts BSA to continue their scouting careers.  We wish you the best!

  • Alex

  • Brandon

  • Jonathan

  • JP

  • Liam

  • Logan

  • Molly

  • Nathan

  • Ricky

  • Whit

Lion and Tiger Den Hiking Adventure

November 14, 2021

Members of our Lion and Tiger Dens went to the Fort Worth Nature Preserve on Saturday November 14th for a hiking adventure. They explored everywhere from limestone outcroppings to river bottoms and were able to view a variety of animals and exhibits at the nature center after the hike. As a bonus, Mike with the nature center was kind enough to talk to our scouts and bring out a special guest - a Hognose snake!