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Cub Scout Membership Rally - THIS SUNDAY 9/27, 4pm at the park across from Tanglewood Elementary

Interested in joining Cub Scouts? Then grab your face masks and join us in the park across from Tanglewood Elementary at 4pm on Sunday September 27th and learn more about your local Cub Scout Pack 350 and our plans for this year. We embrace the concept of family scouting with dens for both boys and girls ranging from kindergarten to 5th grade.

If you complete your membership application at the rally or beforehand, your child will leave with a model rocket (engine sold separately!) that they can assemble with you at home later.

You can learn a lot about our program just by visiting our website. There you will find our calendar of events, how to join online, current news, photos and recaps of last year's events and more. You can also contact us through our website with any questions you might have.

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