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Join us on Facebook and Twitter - here's why

Join us on Facebook and Twitter!

Hopefully you've noticed by now that we've made many upgrades to our technology over the summer in how we communicate and share information with you as well as pack administration activities. These upgrades include a relaunch of our pack website, up-to-date calendar, new pack email format, lots more media and content available, touchless dues collection, paperless application process, and an increased presence on social media.

Please support all of these enhancements by joining us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. If you are following us on social media, you will be the first to see any pack news updates as those come out before the weekly pack emails. Facebook in particular will give you the ability to share photos and updates with the pack. This will be important place for you to engage with the pack on our upcoming fall campout. We also have plans in the works to utilize Facebook Live for our Pinewood Derby in January.

Very special thanks to Grant Settle for his vision and help in bringing so much of this to life!

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