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Updated: Jan 27, 2023


- check in table will now be in the front room of the SAM building (where we had our second workshop) 5:30 - 7:00 Friday (same times just new location)

- the races will be held in the Overton Park Elementary multipurpose room 9:00 - 1:00 Saturday (same times and race order, just new location)

Hello Pack 350! No den meetings on Tuesday this week -- instead we'll have a second build workshop on Tuesday evening (details in a separate post). This week is Pinewood Derby! Here’s what to expect at our Friday check in and Saturday race.

Friday 1/27 Check In – 5:30-7:00PM

  • All cars must be registered at the Friday night check in. If you cannot make the Friday night check in, please connect with your den leader or a scout master to deliver your car to them ahead of time. We have to finalize the race software the night before, so under no circumstances will cars will be entered on Saturday.

  • The car check in will be held in the front room of the SAM building (where we had our second workshop)

  • Plan to arrive with your pinewood derby car completed and ready for race inspection. Please apply any graphite before you arrive. Absolutely no graphite will be allowed inside the school.

  • First, take your car to our green screen photo booth. We will develop a cool race photo of you and your car available for purchase on race day.

  • Second, fill out an entry form with your name, den, and name of your car.

  • Third, take your car and entry form to the inspection table. Our race team will weigh your car and make sure it complies with the race rules which were included on your pinewood derby box.

  • You can also find our race rules on the pack website at the link below. The inspection team will also look for common issues with cars and point out quick fixes.

  • Fourth, if your car is incomplete or if it does not pass race inspection, we will have a “pit station” with helpers to modify or finish your car to make sure it passes inspection. All cars will pass race inspection by the end of the evening.

  • Once your car has completed the check in process, your car will be numbered and taken to the race staging area. All cars entered will be held overnight for racing the next morning. Your car will be returned to you after your den races on Saturday.

  • All participants may enter only one car into their den race. If you would like to enter a second car, it must race in the adult/outlaw category.

  • Finally, our track team will also be setting up the race track during this time. Scouts are not allowed in the track area and under no circumstances are cars allowed to be raced on the track during the Friday night check in. The track team will be using test cars on the track to make sure it is set up appropriately and that our race software is in order.

Saturday 1/28 Pinewood Derby Racing – 9:00AM – 1:00PM

  • Our race will be held in the Overton Park Elementary multipurpose room.

  • Race day is come and go as you please.

  • The race is organized by den. The size of our dens varies significantly, so certain dens will take longer than others, and each den will begin racing immediately after the conclusion of the prior den. Arrive early to be sure that you will be able to see your car race! Below is the order of our races with an estimated time window:

1 – Lion Den (9-9:30)

2 – Tiger Den (9:30-10)

3 – Siblings (10-10:30)

4 – Wolf Den (10:30-11)

5 – Bear Den (11-11:30)

6 – Adults/Outlaws (11:30-12)

7 – Webelo Den (12-12:30)

  • At the conclusion of each den’s race, we will issue awards and each car will be returned to the scouts.

  • We will have a cash only concession stand with drinks and snacks available for a small fee benefiting the pack. You will also be able to purchase your green screen photo at the concession stand.

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