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Sell Popcorn, throw a pie in the face of one of your Cubmasters! This week's top sellers!

Popcorn, popcorn, get your popcorn! Please help support the Pack by selling popcorn this year. Due to COVID, there will not be any store front selling, but there are still plenty of opportunities to make sales and help the Pack. Have your child call or Facetime friends and family, make a video to share on social media, and if you feel comfortable, you can still go door to door in your neighborhood. Remember, scouts can earn an Amazon gift card for selling, and those who sell $500 also earn back their dues. This Sunday, Karen Stuhmer, Molly’s mom, will visit each pack meeting to answer any questions and assist parents with setting up their Trail’s End accounts.

Our top sellers currently are Bryce Settle, Molly Stuhmer, Sage Sikes, and Patrick Schultheis. Congratulations scouts! Remember, the top 5 sellers will smash a pie in the face of their Cub Master! Let’s get selling Pack!

To get started, download the Trails End’s app (instructions attached below), set up your site’s profile, and make some sales! Winners will be announced at the November 15th den meetings, where the top 5 sellers will smash a pie in the face of one of their Cubmasters! Let’s get selling Pack!

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