Winter Storms, Why we do Scouting

Undoubtedly, we have all faced and continue to face varying degrees of challenges this week with the winter storms. As we contemplated how to meet our most basic needs like food, water and a warm/habitable shelter, it's not unlike camping, just that camping is something we would choose to do!

In Scouting, we are teaching our kids how to exist in the natural world around them and in that they are learning how to survive when all of our modern conveniences are stripped away. From first aid to fire building, knife skills to nutrition, creating shelter and staying comfortable and dry inside it - these are life skills that still matter in 2021! I'm confident that when our scouts are adults and face a situation like we had this week, they will be well prepared to meet those basic needs because of what they experienced and learned in scouting.

See you in the park on Sunday,

Jeremy Sweek

Cubmaster, Pack 350